Who we are?

Hello, dear visitor of CryptoFly.net
You visited this page for a reason. It is normal to doubt.
Who we are? Where are we from? Where are we? Next we will try to answer you on these questions.

Who we are?
We have a team of developers with a common idea to raise the rating of cryptocurrency in this unfair world of financial monopoly, and, of course, to make money.
You'll wonder why we want to share our money?
In fact, we mining by ourselves at exactly the same equipment that we offer you.
However, it is silly to put all eggs in one basket. Especially since our start-up capital is not unlimited.

Where are we?
At the moment, we do not have our own mining farms.
All the power we rent from the largest data centers in the world, such as Amazon, Google, Digital Beiijing, Citigroup, Telehouse West and others.

Risking and taking in a rent relatively large number of GPU arrays and Asic capacity, we received appropriate discounts from our lessors.
For security reasons we do not disclose the exact location of our mining farms, but we can say that all of them are located in the above mentioned lessors companies.
To date, our service takes into account your geolocation in the registration and connects to the nearest data center (Europe, Asia, USA, Canada).

Where are we from?
At the moment, we do not have our own office, all members of our team are working remotely from home and coworking centers in different parts of the world.
Thanks to the trust of users to our service we are planning to open our first office in Frankfurt very soon.
We will report about all the news and events to the News section on our website and social networks.

If you have any questions about the use of our resource you can ask us via e-mail cryptofly.info@gmail.com or Skype